Le Note Live Software
Select Program
Rack Extensions
Vers. 1.0.2

The Rack Extensions "Select Program" is an utility particularly suitable for live performances, which allows you to select the tools you want use. For each program number (0 to 127) the ignition corresponds to the relative "Out" (software) and the switch-off of all the other "Out". They can be connected in chain mode through the "In Sel" and the "Thru" to expand the programs with the "Switch Range". The "Switch Range" change the 32 Out Hardware (those present physically on the panel back), with the related 127 Out Software. On the back panel will be displayed the actual number of out selected with the "Switch Range". All the "Thru" will have the same values.
For polyphonic tools you will need to use the Rack Extensions Player "Receive Notes" connecting its "In Enable" to the "Out A" of the "Select Program" related to desired program.
For monophonic instruments it is preferable to use the Rack Extensions "Out Gate Note" connecting the "Out Gate" and "Out Note" to the "In A" and "In B" del "Select Program". You will then have to connect the "Out A" and "Out B" of the "Select Program" to "In Gate" and "In Cv" of each instrument you want to select.
When "In A" or "In B" are not connected, the selected "OUT" is always at val=127 and is delayed by 1.5 msec for complete compatibility with the use of Combinator inputs.