Le Note Live Software
Receive Notes
Rack Extensions Players
Vers. 1.3.0

The Rack Extensions Players "Receive Notes" is a utility particularly suitable for live performances, which by means of the value applied to the Cv "In Enable" (0 -127), controls the reception of notes on the instrument to which it is connected. When at "In Enable" there is a value equal to the number of the selected program, the "Receive Note" is enabled. If "Any" is selected "Receive Notes" is enabled by "In Enable" with a value between 1 and 127 while it is disabled when the value is 0.
At "Thru" there will be the same value as "In Enable".
When "In Enable" is disconnected note reception is enabled.
The On Off switch manually enables or disables the reception of notes.
With the "Select Up Down Transpose" and the input "Cv Transpose" you can change the pitch of the notes by -24 / +24 semitones.
The "Delay Knob" allows you to delay out "Thru" in Any mode when the "In Enable" is value 0 . By selecting Knob value 11 the delay is infinite.